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Payment FAQ

Unable to generate invoice

  • Describe your actions in as much detail as possible and contact support via telegram @OctoBrowser_support_bot

I paid the bill in the client, but the tokens were not credited to the balance

  • Make sure you did everything right and the invoice is displayed as paid. Describe your actions in as much detail as possible and contact support via telegram @OctoBrowser_support_bot
  • Follow the link generated in the Octo Browser client and check the payment status. If the payment status is Overpayment/Underpayment/Late Payment, please contact technical support, providing a link to the payment from Octo Browser and the e-mail address of the account to which the payment was made. Such payments are processed manually, and the exact amount that was credited to our account is credited. Processing of such requests takes no more than 4 hours from the moment of request.
  • Transfers are not accepted on Binance Smart Chain

There is no suitable payment method, what methods do you accept?

  • You can see all available payment methods at the moment in the application when creating an account. As soon as new payment methods are added, they will automatically be reflected in the available ones.

Can't pay by credit card

  • Visa and Mastercard stopped servicing Russian cards from March 10. This applies to foreign and Internet payments. We have the Stripe payment system. You can try to enter card details, but most likely you will need to use an exchanger.
  • Open the received link in another browser

I paid with cryptocurrency. When will the tokens be credited to the balance?

  • The transaction time depends on the network load and the commission you set. As soon as there is the required number of confirmations, the tokens will be credited to the balance.

How is the euro exchange rate formed when paying?**

The course is provided in real time by the payment platform. From our side, only the conversion of euros into tokens takes place at the rate of 1 token = 1 euro.