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Cookies FAQ

General issues

  • If you have any issues when importing cookies, first please make sure that the cookies are in the correct format and are supported.
  • If you could not log into your account after adding cookies, make sure that these cookies are up-to-date, valid and in the correct format, and that the account password has not changed. Some services store the user identifier value in cookie files. If it is possible to check the validity of the account using the identifier, check it and make sure that the account is working before adding cookies.
  • You can also check if the cookies are added correctly using your account and these cookies opening your profile with a regular browser.

After unpacking from an archive cookies are not imported or imported incorrectly

  • Try changing the program or app you use to unpack the files. Some programs (such as The Unarchiver on macOS) do not extract the data correctly.

Cookies disappear from the profile

  • Make sure that Cookies are enabled in the profile Settings -> Storages tab.
  • Make sure that after the profile is closed, a successful synchronization occurs. You must wait for the synchronization to complete before closing the browser. Otherwise, the changes of the profile will not be saved.

Cookies are not saved when imported

  • Make sure that Cookies are enabled in the profile Settings -> Storages tab.
  • Make sure that you are uploading cookies in JSON or Netscape format.
  • If you used online cookie converters, try using another converter to convert your cookies to JSON format.

“Please correct invalid cookies” notification

  • This notification means that either there are incorrect symbols in the cookie file, or you are trying to add cookies in a wrong format. You can check the cookies using the https://jsonformatter.org/ validator to make sure they are valid.

The Octo Browser Client App and the cookie file run in different OS contexts. Try running Octo Browser as administrator to paste the file, or, conversely, run Octo without administrator privileges and try to paste the file.