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Types of cookies

Octo Browser supports popular cookie formats: Netscape and Json. For the convenience of downloading, the drag'n'drop method is supported (dragging a .txt or .json file to the download area).

Try not to use online converters. Some of them may convert cookies incorrectly, which may cause you to have questions when working with your profile. Octo Browser perfectly understands both formats, you can download any in its original form.

In doubtful situations or if it is impossible to load cookies, check them for validity. Sometimes vendors may provide invalid material that uses a specific format (other than the common one).

You can check if the cookies were successfully loaded into the profile by running this profile and without opening any sites, open the Octium settings page.



Cookies placement

Loading from archives or specific (individual) formats is not supported.

You can completely clear cookies in your profile in two ways:

  • Make a profile clone. The cloned profile will be without cookies and profile description.
  • Clear cookies through Chrome itself (chrome://settings/content/all -> delete everything).