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Technical Support FAQ

In order to resolve any issue related to the performance of Octo Browser or its services, you need to strictly adhere to recommendations below, as this will help us give you the most comprehensive and correct answers to your questions.

A correctly formulated question is the key to a successful and quick solution.

Before you read the rules for sending a request to technical support:

  • Consult our Knowledge Base, which serves as an instruction guide to our product. If the solution to an issue is given in the Knowledge Base, the techincal support team will most likely direct you there anyway.
  • Do a search in the Knowledge Base.
  • Please read the FAQ section carefully. We constantly update it, and describe even uncommon cases and solutions.

I have throughly checked the Knowledge Base, but I still don't have a solution!

If you are certain that there is no ready-made answer and/or solution to your question, then:

  1. Please describe your set-up in as much detail as possible (OS version, client version, connection type, etc.)
  2. State your question clearly and in detail. If your question relates to performance, please specify the sequence of actions that leads to your outcomes that can be replicated.
  3. Describe the steps you took to resolve the issue yourself.
  4. Be prepared to provide remote access to your device and additional data (access to a proxy, VPN, links to resources, the sequence of steps you took, etc.) that you used you encountered issues or difficulties.

Contact the Technical Support and provide all the necessary information.

Octo Browser Technical Support

Technical support working hours

Our technical support is available daily from 09:00 to 01:00 (GMT+3).

Questions our technical support can help you with:

  • Questions related to browser installation on your device (PC, laptop, server)
  • Questions related to functionality and performance (subscriptions, profiles, templates, teamwork, tags, proxies, payments, extensions, cookies, icons, etc.)
  • Questions related to setting up and managing profiles
  • Questions related to the browser Internet connection (VPN, proxy)
  • Questions related to subscriptions and payments
  • Questions related to account manipulations (changing or deleting the email, token transfer, suspending a subscription).

Questions our technical support cannot help you with:

  • General questions related to coding
  • Providing solutions of specific problems within a pre-defined and unchangeable framework
  • Developing software, components, or product modules to order
  • Creating or editing scripts for specific tasks
  • We do not change our modules and components coding to help in solving particular business cases, except for fixing functionality errors
  • Developing scripts for integration with third-party services and systems cannot be done within the technical support framework. However, the technical support department is happy to hear your feedback about which scripts you think are needed to make our product better. Such ideas may later be implemented and incorporated into the product without committing to any specific completion date.

Sometimes we might need to postpone resolving your issue or might not be able to help you at all. These are possible cases when this might happen:

  • It is impossible to replicate the described problem on similar hardware, and there is no access to the user account/device.
  • The user is either unable or unwilling to provide the information necessary to resolve the problem.
  • The issue requires detailed diagnostics, functionality tweaks, and/or release of an update.
  • The user does not comply with the technical and/or system requirements for installing and using the product (e.g., an unsupported operating system, an outdated version of the product, etc.).
  • The product has been installed from an unofficial source.
  • The question is outside the technical support scope.
  • The question is asked incorrectly or unclearly, or the discussion of the issue is not being conducted in a constructive manner. The solution of the problem may be delayed, if the required information regarding the request is not provided on time.
  • If a user does not communicate in a civil manner, uses obscene language, insults, or threatens the support staff, they may be blocked and denied access to technical support. Please be polite.