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Solving FAQs

In order to resolve any issue related to the performance of the Octo Browser client or service, you must adhere to clear rules, because then you can get the most correct and complete answer in the shortest possible time.


The right question is the key to a successful and quick solution.

Before you read the rules for sending a request to technical support:

  • Check out the knowledge base - this is a kind of instruction for the correct use of the product. After all, if the issue was described here, then in 100% of cases support will send you here in search of a solution.
  • Search the knowledge base.
  • Please read the FAQ section carefully. We constantly update the section and introduce atypical cases and solutions.

I've looked all over, but I haven't found the answer!

If you are sure that there is no ready-made answer and solution to your question, then:

  1. Describe your environment in as much detail as possible (OS version, client version, connection type)
  2. Describe clearly and in detail your question, and if it is a question related to performance, then describe the sequence of actions that can be reproduced and which leads to these results.
  3. Describe the steps you took to resolve the issue yourself.
  4. Be prepared to provide remote access to the device, additional data (access to a proxy, vpn, links to resources, a sequence of steps, etc.) with which you have difficulty.

Click the Get Support button at the bottom of the page and submit your information.

Octo Browser Technical Support

Technical support working hours

The technical support service is open daily from 09:00 to 01:00 (GMT+3).

Solving issues within the framework of technical support

  • Questions related to installation on your device (PC, laptop, server)
  • Issues related to functionality and performance (subscriptions, profiles, templates, team members, tags, proxies, payment, extensions, cookies, icons, etc.)
  • Questions related to setting up profiles
  • Questions related to Internet connection (VPN, proxy)
  • Subscription payment questions
  • Questions related to actions in the account (changing mail, deleting mail, transferring tokens, suspending a subscription)

Technical support does not resolve issues

  • General questions related to programming
  • Solutions of specific problems with a given logic
  • Development of software, components, product modules to order
  • Writing/editing scripts for specific tasks
  • No changes are made to the specific program code of modules or components to solve individual business problems. (Except for cases of fixing errors in the product).
  • Development of scripts for integration with third-party services and systems is not performed as part of technical support. Wishes for the development of appropriate scripts are accepted by the technical support department with a possible subsequent inclusion in the standard delivery of the software product. Completion date is not defined.

Resolution of appeal issues may be delayed or even impossible for the following main reasons

  • It is impossible to repeat the described problem on a similar hardware configuration and there is no access to the user account.
  • The user cannot provide enough information to solve the problem or refuses to provide information.
  • The issue requires detailed diagnostics, improvement of the functionality and / or release of an update for the software product.
  • The user does not comply with the technical / system requirements for installing and using the software product (Unsupported operating system, outdated version of the product)
  • The product is not installed from an official source
  • The question is outside the scope of technical support
  • The question was asked incorrectly or the discussion of the issue is not constructive, and the solution of the problem is delayed due to the untimely provision of information on the appeal
  • If the user at the time of contact uses obscene language, insults or threatens support staff, he may be blocked and denied access to technical support. Be polite.