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Authorization FAQ

After launching the Octo Browser client, I am redirected to the authorization page.

  • Most likely the session token became outdated after an update. Try authenticating again.

When entering my login and password, I get the "Something went wrong" error message

  • It is possible that scheduled or unscheduled maintenance is conducted on the server. If you haven't received a notification about upcoming maintenance in Octo Browser client or by email, make sure to check out official channel or chat to learn about any ongoing maintenance (you can find the links below).

After downloading, I opened Octo Browser on my MacBook, but I can’t log into my account

  • Most likely you are trying to launch the browser directly from the downloaded image. For the program to work correctly, you need to drag the shortcut to the Programs, and launch Octo Browser using the shortcut in the Programs.

If the problem persists, you might have interrupted the installation or didn't wait for the files to finish copying. Uninstall the browser from programs, and reinstall it following the instructions above.

When I try to log into my account, I get the "Check your Internet connection" notification

  • Make sure your Internet connection is working (try to open a website in a browser, check if other applications are working).
  • If you can open third-party applications and websites, enable your VPN and select a European server (UK, PL, etc.). Your Internet Service Provider may be blocking access to our servers. Enabling a VPN will allow you to bypass such restrictions.