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Authorization FAQ

After opening the Octo Browser client, I got to the authorization page

  • Most likely the session token is outdated after the version update. Try to authenticate again.

I enter my username and password and the error something went wrong

  • One of the possible options is that scheduled / unscheduled work is being carried out on the server, if you did not receive notifications in the Octo Browser client / email, make sure that there is no additional information about the ongoing work in the official channel or chat (links are located below).

After downloading, I opened a browser on my MacBook, but I can’t log into my account

  • Most likely you run directly from the downloaded image. For the program to work correctly, you must drag the shortcut to the programs and run from the shortcut from the programs.

If the problem still persists, then perhaps you did not wait for the files to be copied or interrupted the installation. Uninstall from programs and reinstall as recommended above.

When I try to log into my account, I get a notification "Check your internet connection"

  • Make sure the Internet connection is working (try to open sites in a browser, check the operation of third-party applications).
  • If third-party applications and sites open for you, turn on VPN and select a European server (UK, PL, etc.) Your ISP may be blocking access to our servers, turning on VPN will bypass the blocking.