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Proxy FAQ

Proxy not working

  • Check if Octo Browser works with direct connection (no proxy). If the direct connection does not work, then make sure that the Internet connection is active
  • Check if you have chosen the correct proxy protocol (http / socks / ssh).
  • If you are using a VPN, try disabling it (using a VPN affects responsiveness). If you are not using it, try turning on the VPN and checking (maybe your ISP has blocked access to the verification service).
  • Make sure that your proxies are paid and active, login and password are correct. Check their performance in another application or through a proxy checker.
  • Make sure that your proxies do not have specific restrictions (binding by ip, limited access to some services (for example, a proxy only for facebook), remote DNS prohibition (lack of support for DNS queries through a proxy).
  • Make sure you are not using a local proxy (in forward mode). For example,, when the client application is closed to connect to this proxy.

The (geo) flag of the installed proxy for the profile is different from the geo proxy I bought. When checking through services, it shows another geo (flag).

  • There may be differences in our geobase and the base of the service you are checking (in this case, you must manually set the desired languages ​​and timezone in the profile). Octo Browser uses the most compatible base with Google.
  • Browser tab in Russian - the browser interface is displayed for convenience, using the system language. Only you can see it.

What checkers should be used to check substitutions?

We recommend using only proven checkers: