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Proxy FAQ

My proxy is not working

Checking the proxy

If you receive notifications Failed to get proxy data or Proxy connection failed when checking a proxy or starting a profile in Octo Browser, you can check your proxy using a system program to see if it can connect to the proxy and the target web resource.

If you are using a SOCKS5 / HTTP / HTTPS proxy, follow these steps:

  1. Create a correct command for the curl system program:

curl -x protocol://host:port -U login:password https://app.octobrowser.net/api/v2/health

You will need to specify your proxy data for this command. You will find some examples of how to do this correctly below.

Command examples

Your proxy: socks5://

Command: curl -x socks5h:// -U login:password https://app.octobrowser.net/api/v2/health

Your proxy:

Command: curl -x -U admin:admin https://app.octobrowser.net/api/v2/health

Your proxy: (A proxy that does not require login and password)

Command: curl -x https://app.octobrowser.net/api/v2/health

  1. After creating the correct command, open the terminal/cmd in your operating system. To do so, type CMD (for Windows) or Terminal (for macOS/Linux) in the search bar of your operating system.

  2. Paste your command and press Enter.

If the terminal answer is OK but the proxy does not pass the Octo Browser check, contact Octo Browser Technical Support and provide a screenshot of the command execution and the notification from the Octo Browser client app after the command execution.

If the terminal shows errors after executing the command, contact the Technical Support of your proxy provider and share with them a screenshot of the command execution.

What else you can do if the proxy does not work

  • Check if Octo Browser work correctly using direct connection (without a proxy). If direct connection is not working, make sure that the Internet connection is active.
  • Make sure that you have selected the correct proxy protocol (http / socks / ssh).
  • If you are using a VPN, try disabling it (using a VPN affects response time). If you are not using a VPN, try turning it on and checking your connection: your ISP might have blocked access to the verification service.
  • Try changing the connection server in your Octo Browser account Settings -> Additional -> Client Server. Restart Octo Browser after changing the server.
  • Make sure that your proxies are paid for and active, and that login and password are correct. Check their functionality in another application or through a proxy checker.
  • Make sure that your proxies do not have specific restrictions, (binding by IP, limited access to services (for example, a proxy working only with Facebook), remote DNS prohibition (unsupported DNS queries through a proxy)).
  • Make sure that you are not using a local proxy (in the forward mode), e.g.,, while the client application that should connect to this proxy is closed.

The geolocation flag of the installed proxy in my profile is different from the proxy geolocation I bought. Checkers and services show an unexpected geolocation (flag).

  • This can be explained by differences between our geolocation database and the database of the service you are checking the proxy with. In this case, you need to manually set the desired languages ​​and timezone in the profile. Octo Browser uses a database that is maximally compatible with Google services.

We recommend using only well-established checkers, such as