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Profiles FAQ

At the moment, a full-fledged transfer of profiles from other browsers is not implemented.

If you want to transfer a service account from another browser:

  • generate a fingerprint with the same OS as the one you are transferring the account from (e.g., a Windows fingerprint for a Windows system);
  • set hardware (CPU, RAM, GPU) as close as possible to the system you are transferring from;
  • you can change the OS version in the user-agent, but we recommend against changing the Chrome version (for example, you can replace Windows 10 with Windows 6.1; make sure that you are fully aware of what and why you are doing);
  • you can make other parameters, such as screen resolution and others, similar to the system you're transferring the account from;
  • user-agent must be valid and without extra characters. We recommend using the default Chrome version, as Octium is based on the current version of Chromium.

Profile stays in the active state and cannot be stopped

  • Profile is launched on another device. You must close the profile on the device on which it was launched last.
  • If this is not possible, you can force stop the profile. The last successfully synced version of the profile will be downloaded.

When I start a profile, the Octium browser interface is in Russian.

The browser interface is displayed in the system language. This does not affect which languages ​​are transmitted to sites and services. Languages for websites and services are automatically set based on your IP data, or according to the profile settings.

If you want to change the browser interface language:

  • Enter chrome://settings/languages ​​in the address bar of your browser
  • Add the required language by clicking on "Add Languages"
  • Click on three dots next to the added language and select "Display Octium in this language"

How can I import profiles with cookies in bulk?

  • You can use our API to create profiles and load cookies from a previously created cookie file, using a loop in your preferred programming language.

A profile closes immediately after opening

Go to the profile Settings and set any starting page for the profile; or quickly press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + T after launching a profile to create a new tab. The last tab opened in the profile is automatically closed, which in turn closes the entire profile.

When you launch a profile, you see a white or black window instead of the profile interface

This can happen if certain third-party software is running at the same time. For instance, some online games use such software as EasyAntiCheat, which affects the rendering of the profile interface. We recommend stopping all third-party software and checking if the profile works normally.