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Cookie Robot

The first version of Cookie Robot follows the specified links and does NOT perform additional actions (each link opens for 5-15 seconds, opens them in parallel).

The current version is more suitable for simply collecting pixels from sites for subsequent registration. The number of import links in a cookie robot is not limited. If the link from the list is invalid, then it is skipped. Resource availability timeout 30 seconds.


Cookie Robot opens links in 4 threads, i.e. 4 tabs at the same time. Keep in mind that the more links you upload to Cookie Robot, the longer it will take to crawl them all.

After the operation of the cookie robot, the history in the profile tabs is not saved. Information about the start and end times of the cookie robot and the sites it visited can be found in debug.log.

To see the cookies received by the robot during operation, you can enter chrome://settings/content/all in the address bar of the open profile.

A robot cookie can be used not only in an empty profile, but also in a profile with cookies. If the browser already has cookies, then the collected cookies will be added to the existing ones.

To run Cookie Robot you need:

  • Select the desired profile
  • Press three dots -> Cookie Robot
  • Insert links to sites that the Cookie Robot should visit. Click "Confirm"
  • Wait for Cookie Robot to finish

If you want to stop Cookie Robot forcibly, you need to click on the Auto button in this profile. Cookie Robot will be discontinued.