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The recycle bin stores previously deleted profiles, which you can restore if you mistakenly delete a profile. To move a profile to the trash, you need to click three dots next to the "Start" button of the required profile, then select "Add to cart" in the list.

Move To Trash

You will be notified that some profile data cannot be restored after moving the profile to the Trash.

Delete Profile Notification

After moving profiles to the trash, the following data is not restored:

  1. Tags
  2. Icons

IMPORTANT! Profiles that ended up in the trash are stored there for no more than 48 hours from the moment of deletion. After 48 hours, the profile is automatically deleted from the trash, without the possibility of recovery.

Trash Notification

Switching to the Trash section is not possible if this section does not contain at least one previously deleted profile. If there is at least 1 profile in the basket, the transition to this section will be available. The go to cart button is located next to the Quick profile button.

Trash Icon

When you go to the trash, we have access to the following data about the deleted profile:

  1. Profile name

  2. Date of deletion

  3. Deleted

    by The e-mail address of the account that deleted the profile will be indicated, or "You" will be indicated if the profile was deleted using that e -mail address currently in use.

  4. Proxy

Trash List Of Profiles

To restore a profile, in the last paragraph, a button for restoring a profile is available, by clicking on which a notification about successful restoration appears. Next, the profile will be available in the profiles list.

Profile Delete And Restore

Also, bulk actions are available in the trash bin. You can mark the desired profiles by activating the checkbox to the left of the profile name. Next, press the required button:

  1. Permanently delete (number of profiles) profile
  2. Restore (number of profiles) profile

Bulk Trash Actions


IMPORTANT! A profile re-added to the cart within 7 days of the first deletion cannot be restored from the cart until 7 days have elapsed from the first deletion.

Unable To Restore Notification

It is not possible to delete a running profile.

Running Profile


IMPORTANT! Restore and delete from trash functions are only available for the master account. The ability to restore or delete a profile from the trash is not available to team members, regardless of the level of access granted.