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Profile List page

The profile list shows all profiles that you created in your Octo Browser account. Using the list, you can perform such operations as creating, editing, searching for, or transferring profiles.

The top left corner of the Profiles window shows the number of profiles you currently have and the total number of profiles your subscription supports (for example, 351/1000). The number in green indicates the number of currently active profiles. An active profile is a profile that is currently running.

To perform a search in the profile list, enter part of the profile name in the search bar to filter the list. You can search by the profile name and selected tags simultaneously.

Search Profile

At the bottom of the profile list you can find page navigation buttons, clicking on which you can navigate to the profile you need. 10, 25, 50 or 100 profiles can be displayed on one page at a time, depending on the display settings you have set.

Select Pages

To find the necessary profiles more easily, you can sort them by name, date of creation, and date of launch. Clicking on the icon with two arrows to the right of the sorting menu refreshes the information about the profiles on the page. At the bottom of the page you can select the number of profiles to display on a page.

Sort Menu

Octo Browser uses alphabetical sorting by name. Sorting is done using the entire profile name string (i.e., using all characters contained in the string; spaces also count as characters). To avoid any inconveniences when sorting profiles using numbers, use the maximum available value based on your current subscription in the profile name.

For example: with the Base subscription you have access to 100 profiles. Thus, you can use 001, 002, 003, etc. for profile names (adding zeros in front of the profile number as necessary). Then, when sorting the profiles by name, they will be sorted correctly and available in ascending/descending order.

We recommend keeping this feature in mind for a more comfortable experience when working with profiles.

Bulk actions in the Profile List

If you need to edit profiles on the list in bulk, select the required profiles first. After selecting the profiles, you will see an additional bulk editing menu where you can add or remove tags from selected profiles, set a proxy for selected profiles, transfer them to another account, or export or remove profiles from the list.

Bulk Actions

To select all profiles currently displayed, check the box next to the Title field (below the profile search bar). All profiles on this page will be selected. To deselect all profiles, click on the cross icon next to the Bulk Actions menu.



Open the Profiles pageSHIFT + 1
Open the Create Profile pageSHIFT + 2
Open the Settings pageSHIFT + 3
Open the Proxies pageSHIFT + 4
Open the Templates pageSHIFT + 5
Open the Create Template pageSHIFT + 6
Change the interface languageSHIFT + L

The Profile List

Update profilesSHIFT + R
Select all profilesSHIFT + A
Go to the next pageSHIFT + X
Go to the previous pageSHIFT + Z
Go to the first pageSHIFT + C
Go to the last pageSHIFT + V


Create a Quick ProfileALT + Q
Open Tags editing windowALT + A
Start selected profilesALT + W
Stop selected profilesALT + E
Delete selected profilesALT + D
Assign proxies to selected profilesALT + R
Add tags to selected profilesALT + C
Delete tags of selected profilesALT + V
Transfer selected profilesALT + T
Export selected profilesALT + X
Search profilesALT + S

Profile actions

Export cookiesCTRL + SHIFT + KCMD + SHIFT + K
Videostream spoofingCTRL + SHIFT + LCMD + SHIFT + L
Videostream spoofing resetCTRL + SHIFT + UCMD + SHIFT + U
Human typing simulationCTRL + SHIFT + ECMD + SHIFT + E