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Managing Profiles

Editing Profile Settings

There are several ways to edit an already existing profile:

Regular profile editing

Standard profile editing

To change profile settings, click on the vertical ellipsis (three dots) in the profile list, and select Edit profile. In the window that appears you can edit all available settings except the Operating System and its version. After editing the profile, click "Save".

If you start editing a running profile, all the changes made will take effect only after the profile is restarted. To do this, close the profile (click on the Stop button or close the profile window), and start it again.

Quick Profile Editing

Quick profile editing is used to conveniently make some changes to the profile settings. In the quick edit mode, you can:

  • Change basic profile data (Profile Name, Description, Tags)
  • Change connection settings (select a proxy from the list or create a new proxy)
  • Import cookies

Quick Profile Data Edit

Cloning profiles

The option to clone profiles can be useful if you need to reuse an existing profile fingerprint without the profile contents. All fingerprint data of the selected profile is cloned from the following sections: General (except the profile description), Fingerprint, and Storages and Extensions settings, while the contents of Storages (cookies, local storage, passwords, tabs, bookmarks, etc.) are not cloned.

If a profile had a tag assigned to it, the profile will be cloned with that tag.

To clone a profile, click on the vertical ellipsis, click on Clone, and enter the required number of cloned profiles in the pop-up window.

Clone Profile

As with any other profile, you can change all data in a cloned profile (except for the OS), in any convenient way (standard or quick editing).

Transferring profiles

The profile transfer option may be necessary to completely transfer profiles to another Octo Browser account (user). You can transfer profiles both individually and in bulk.

Profile transfers are available only with Base and higher subscriptions. You can transfer a profile to any account with any active subscription, except for the Trial subscription. Trial subscriptions do not support any profile transfers.

Please note that the extensions added to the profile will not be transferred with the profile.

To transfer one profile, click on the vertical ellipsis of the necessary profile and click on Transfer. Then provide the correct e-mail address of an existing Octo Browser. If you need to transfer the profile with its proxy, tick "Transfer with Proxy?".

Transfer Profile

To transfer several profiles in bulk, you need to select the desired profiles in the list and click on Transfer in the mass actions menu next to the search bar. If necessary, you can transfer profiles with their proxies.

Bulk Transfer Profile

Be careful when providing the e-mail. After the transfer the profile will become unavailable to the previous owner.

Learn more about creating and managing profiles on multiple devices or accounts here.

Profile history

The profile history shows the last 100 actions with the profile. It records such actions as:

  • Creating a profile
  • Launching a profile
  • Successful synchronization (and profile version)
  • Closing a profile

Additionally, the profile history indicates the account that performed these actions. This option is useful for teamwork, when several team members have access to the same profiles. In such cases you can see who and when performed specific actions with the profile.

Profile History

Set Password

A profile password is an additional security measure available to our users. This feature allows users to generate keys for encrypting individual profiles. The password will protect the profile data on the server with end-to-end encryption and will be requested when the profile is launched.


Octo Browser does not store passwords. If you forget your password, we will not be able to help you regain access to your password-protected profiles.

Password-protected profiles: details and features

  • Password requirements: minimum 4 characters, maximum 255 characters
  • When you set a profile password, all previous profile versions will be deleted
  • The number of attempts to enter the password is not limited
  • Mass operations with password-protected profiles are not supported. E.g., mass launching profiles using keyboard shortcuts will skip password-protected profiles
  • You can send a password-protected profile to the Trash. When you restore a password-protected profile from the Trash, it is restored with the password

If you have password-protected a profile, you will not be able to:

  • Export this profile
  • Transfer this profile to another Octo Browser account
  • Launch the Cookie Robot

Password-protecting a group of profiles

You can set a password for one or several profiles at once. Additionally, you can set a password when creating a template. In this case, all profiles created using this template will be protected by the template password.

What should I do if I lose or forget my password?
Try to remember it first. There is no limit on the number of attempts to enter the password. If you cannot remember the profile password, you can delete this profile to make room for new ones.

Force stopping a profile

Force stopping a profile allows you to set a running profile status to inactive if this profile was not closed for some reason. The latest profile version (the one that is running and has not been closed) will not be synchronized (it will be ignored). Instead, you will be able to restart this profile using the last successfully synchronized profile version.

Read more about profile synchronization here.


If you force stop a profile with which someone is currently working, the profile window will not close on your or your colleague's device. In such cases, any further work or actions with such a profile performed by any team member after the profile has been forcibly stopped will not be synchronized. We recommend informing your colleagues about taking this action, as their work with a forcibly stopped profile will not be saved.

Deleting a profile

To delete a profile, click on the vertical ellipsis next to the profile and click on Move to Trash. To delete profiles in bulk, select the required profiles in the list, and in the bulk actions menu that appears for (next to the search bar), click on Move to Trash.