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Profile Management

Editing profile settings

There are several ways to edit an already created profile:

Standard profile editing

Standard profile editing

To change the profile settings, click the ellipsis in the table, select edit. In the window that appears, you can edit any available settings, except for choosing the Operating System, after editing the profile, click Save.

If you start editing a running profile, then all the changes made will take effect after the profile is restarted. To do this, close the profile (using the Stop button or close the profile window) and start it again.

Quick Profile Edit

Quick profile editing is used to conveniently make some changes to the profile settings. In quick edit mode, you can choose from:

  • change basic profile data (Profile name, Description, Tags)

Quick Profile Data Edit

  • change connection settings data (select proxy from the list, create a new proxy)

Quick Profile Proxy Edit

Cloning profiles

The option to clone profiles can be useful if you would like to re-imprint an existing profile without its contents. All fingerprint data of the selected profile is cloned from the sections General (except for the profile description), General, Hardware, Connection, Storage and Extensions settings, while the contents of the Storage (cookies, local storage, passwords, tabs) are not cloned.

To clone, click on the ellipsis and select the Clone profile option, enter the required number in the pop-up window.

Clone Profile

As in any other profile, in a cloned profile, you can change all data (except for the OS) in any convenient way (standard editing or quick).

Profile transfer

The profile transfer option may be needed to fully transfer the profile to another Octo Browser account (another user). You can perform both mass transfer of profiles and transfer of a single profile.


Please note that the extensions installed in the profile will not be transferred when transferring the profile.

To transfer one profile, click the ellipsis next to the profile (menu), select the Transfer option, then enter the mail of the existing Octo Browser account without errors. If you need to migrate your proxy, select Transfer with Proxy.

Transfer Profile

To transfer several profiles at once, you need to select the necessary profiles in the table and select the Transfer profiles option in the menu that appears for mass actions with profiles; if necessary, you can also transfer along with a proxy.

Bulk Transfer Profile

Be careful when entering your mail, after the transfer you will lose access to the profile.

Learn more about creating and managing profiles across multiple devices or accounts.

Profile history

The profile history displays the last 100 profile activities. Actions such as:

  • Create a profile
  • Profile launch
  • Successful sync and version
  • Closing a profile

Also in the profile history you can see which account performed these actions. This option is useful for working in a team, when several team members have access to certain profiles, in which case you can see who and when performed any actions with the profile.

Profile History

Profile force stop

Profile force stop - an option that allows you to change the status of a running profile (which was not closed for any reason) to inactive, while the latest version (running and not closed) will not be synchronized (it will be ignored), but instead the profile can be run with the latest successfully synced version.

Read more about profile synchronization here.

Delete profile

To delete a profile, click on the three dots next to the profile and select Delete. In order to delete profiles in bulk, select the required profiles in the table, and in the menu that appears for bulk actions with profiles, select the Delete option.