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Account Settings

General information

By clicking on the account icon in the top right corner of the Octo Browser client, you can go to the following sections:

Account. The account section allows you to change some of the data specified during registration, such as your password and the client language.

Billing allows you to top up your balance and renew (prolongate) your subscription, and also contains additional information about your current subscription.

Team. This section allows you to flexibly customize teamwork and distribute access rights among the team members.

Additional. This section allows you to see miscellaneous information and settings of the Octo Browser Client.

Referrals contains your personal referral link, as well as data on referrals, accrued bonuses, and withdrawals related to the Referral Program.

Documentation opens the documentation page in the browser.

Support allows you to contact the technical support team on Telegram.

Sign out allows you to log out of your account, and opens the login page.

Main Screen Settings

In the top right corner you can see a number that shows how many days of your current subscription you have left. By clicking on it you will go to the Billing section.

The bell is a notifications feed that publishes news, release notes, and other useful information.

Mark all as read allows you to remove all notifications about unread messages.


The account settings section allows you to change your password and the Octo Browser Client language. To go to your account settings, click on the blue icon in the top right corner of the Octo Browser Client, and select “Account”.

Account Settings

Password. To change your password, click on the "Change password" button in your "Account" settings. In the pop-up window enter the “Current password” and provide a “New password.” Click "Confirm". After a successful password change all devices will be logged out, and you will need to log in using the new password.

Language allows you to change the browser client language. Currently Octo Browser supports English and Russian languages.


The Billing section contains information about your subscription, and you can top up your balance, apply a promo code, activate or renew a subscription, and see other information regarding your current subscription.

Billing settings


The Balance section displays the number of tokens available for purchasing a subscription. Tokens are credited to the account balance after the generated invoices have been paid, or through technical support in other cases.

1 token equals 1 Euro at the time of payment. The invoice can be generated in any currency convenient for you from the list of supported ones. After the tokens are credited to the balance, their exchange rate does not change (stable coin).

Buy tokens: click on this button to add tokens to your account. Choose the number of tokens (the minimum amount is 10 tokens, or 16 for ETH), choose the payment method and click “Confirm.” After that, a payment link will be generated. The link is active for 60 minutes.

I have a Promo Code: if you have a promo code, you can enter it here. Learn more about promo codes here.

Activating a subscription

To purchase a subscription, click on "Choose a subscription". Select the subscription that best suits your needs from the list. Each subscription comes with a different amount of resources. Select subscription validity term. The cost will be calculated automatically based on the subscription plan and its validity period. When choosing 90 days or more, the following discounts apply:

  • 90 days - 10% discount
  • 180 days - 20% discount
  • 360 days - 30% discount

After the cost has been calculated, make sure that you have enough tokens on your balance, and click “Purchase”.

If a subscription has already been purchased, you can upgrade it in the account Settings. Downgrade of a subscription is possible only after the current one expires. Learn more about changing your subscription here.

Current subscription plan

The "Current Subscription plan" section contains data about your subscription.

  • Price shows the cost of your subscription in tokens.
  • "Expires" shows you how many days of your subscription you have left.
  • Expiration date shows you the precise date and time when your subscription ends. The indicated time corresponds to your system time.

Renew Subscription allows you to extend your subscription at any time by clicking Renew Subscription. Select the required number of days and click "Purchase".

Auto Renew: when Automatic Renewal is activated, the subscription will be automatically renewed on its expiry if there are enough tokens on the account balance.

Current Subscription

Hover your mouse over the "i" icon to see detailed information about your subscription.

  • Profiles shows the maximum number of profiles.
  • Proxy manager shows the maximum number of proxies that can be saved to the favorite proxies list.
  • Tags shows the maximum number of tags.
  • Templates shows the maximum number of templates.
  • Team members shows the maximum number of team members.
  • Profile transfer shows the ability to transfer profiles from one Octo Browser account to another (+ means yes, - means no).
  • API shows the ability to use API (+ means yes, - means no).

Subscription Info


Team Settings

The Team Settings section allows you to flexibly manage work and assign access rights to participants (this section is available for Team / Advanced / Custom subscriptions). Learn more about Team Settings here.


Local profile storage

The local profile storage contains information about the size of Octo Browser on your hard drive, and storage manipulation functions. All personal account information is stored on a remote server, and using any of these functions does not affect it. All personal data will be saved.

Additional Settings

Optimize storage: optimize local storage by deleting unused data.

Clear Storage: delete local storage data.

Update components: browser components will be deleted and downloaded again.

API Token: your API token for working with API. The Change button allows you to generate a new API token.

Local HTTP server shows your local port, which you can change manually or select a random free port. After changing the port you must restart the client to apply the changes.

Theme allows you to choose the color scheme of the Octo Browser client.

Client server is a list of servers through which Octo Browser network requests will pass. If you are experiencing:

  • “Check your Internet connection” notifications;
  • Slow interface response;
  • Slowly loading tabs (Profiles, Proxies, Templates)

You can try changing the client server to the one closest to your location. This feature is an alternative to enabling a VPN on your device. After changing the server, you need to restart the client for the changes to take effect.

If you are certain that the proxy is working correctly, but even after you've changed the server the proxy does not pass the Octo Browser check, please enable an OS-wide VPN using a European geolocation.

Advanced settings

Disabling keep-alive disables maintaining a constant connection with Octo Browser servers.


The Referral Program involves cooperation between an Octo user and Octo Browser. Octo users receive their personal Referral Link, which can be used by new Octo Browser users to create their accounts. If a Referral Link is used to create an Octo account, its owner (the Referrer) will receive 15% of each payment their Referrals make in Octo for 360 days after the Referrals' registration. Learn more about the Terms and Conditions of the Referral Program here.