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System requirements

Minimum system requirements

The installer has no restrictions on running on weak systems. However, lack of memory, hard disk space, slow hard disk or network connection may affect the usability of Octo Browser.

Recommended system settings:

  • 4GB RAM and above
  • GPU
  • SSD drive

The more RAM, the more tabs and profiles you can work with. For example, in x86(32-bit) systems, up to 4GB is used for memory addressing, which by modern standards is quite small for simultaneous use of several profiles and affects performance.

When using a more modern GPU, page rendering will be noticeably faster. When you run Octo Browser from an SSD drive, you will get a noticeable increase in speed and usability.

The browser requires a stable internet connection. The larger the download channel, the faster you can get profiles from servers. The larger the upload channel, the less time it will take to load the profile after working with it.


Using TOR IP addresses to connect to Octo Browser servers is not supported.

Supported operating systems

Currently Octo Browser can be used on modern 64-bit platforms. Octo Browser is not supported on 32-bit systems.

List of supported OS:


Support for Windows 7 and 8 operating systems will be stopped in February 2023.

  • Ubuntu from 20.04 (Currently version for Linux is in beta testing)
  • CentOS from 8 (Currently version for Linux is in beta testing)

The installer has no specific restrictions on running on other versions of Windows, MacOS, Linux, however, it may not work correctly in some cases. We recommend using the listed OS for best compatibility.