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Subscription change

If the subscription has already been purchased, then you can change the subscription in the account settings (Settings -> Change subscription). Subscription upgrade is carried out as an additional payment of the difference without changing its expiration date.

Subscription upgrade

Upgrade subscriptions to Custom is carried out via technical support. If you have the required amount on your balance, contact support and indicate your account email and the desired packages for connection.

Surcharge calculation

The surcharge is calculated as follows:

(The cost of the desired subscription minus the Cost of the current subscription) multiply (The number of days remaining divided by 30)

For example, if you have 25 days of Starter subscription left and want to upgrade to Base, then (79-29)*(25/30) = 42 tokens (Round up to whole number).

The calculation of the additional payment when purchasing an additional package for Custom subscriptions is carried out in the same way:

Multiply package price by (number of remaining days divided by 30).

For example, you have 10 days of Custom subscription left and you want to connect additional packages +300 profiles. The cost of all packages is 60 tokens.

60*(10/30) = 20 tokens (Round up to whole number).

Subscription Downgrade

Downgrade (lowering) the subscription is possible only after the expiration of your current subscription. After the end of the subscription, you need to replenish the balance and choose the appropriate one.

If you downgrade your subscription, you need to bring the existing resources (profiles, team members, tags, templates, icons) to the amount provided by your new subscription. The excess must be removed.

Profiles in an unpaid account are stored for 6 months. At the end of the subscription period, all profile data will be saved. You can remove excess resources after purchasing a new subscription. All functionality, except for deleting and exporting profiles, will be inactive until the amount of available resources matches the terms of your new subscription.

Subscription Management

Change account mailbox

To change the account mail, the account owner needs to write a letter from the main account mail to with the text: "Please change the account mail "Your old mail address" to "Your new mail address".

Specify the mail for changing, to which the Octo Browser account was not previously registered.

After changing the mail, all actions with the account are possible only from your new mailing address. After sending the letter, duplicate the text in the chat with support so that you can be notified of the result.

Transferring tokens from one Octo Browser account to another

To transfer tokens, it is necessary for the account owner to write from the main mail of the account to the mail "Please transfer the tokens from the <"email address from which to transfer the tokens"> to the <"email address to which the tokens are transferred to">".

After sending the letter, duplicate the text in the chat with support so that you can be notified of the result.

Suspend Octo Browser Subscription

To unsubscribe, send an email from your account email to Freeform text with reasons. After sending the letter, duplicate the text in the chat with support so that you can be notified of the result.

Tokens for unspent days will be returned to the balance, and the account will be suspended. After that, the user reactivates by replenishing the balance and activating the subscription for the entire billing cycle (30 days).

Account activation for profile transfer

To activate an account for the purpose of transferring profiles, it is necessary that the owner of the account on which the subscription ended write from the account mail to and indicate in the letter the mail of the account with an active subscription for transferring profiles.

"Please activate my account to transfer profiles to another account"

After completing the request, the account will be activated for 30 minutes, during which you can log in and transfer profiles.

Account activation is available for Base subscriptions or higher.

Deleting an Octo Browser account

To delete your account, send an email from your account email to

"I want to delete my account".

After sending the letter, duplicate the text in the chat with support so that you can be notified of the result.

Please note that all your account data along with profiles will be permanently deleted.

Subscription renewal less than 30 days

For active subscriptions, starting from Base and above, subscription renewal is available from 3 days and more once per billing cycle. The cost is calculated from the cost of a subscription for 1 day.

IMPORTANT! The next subscription activation will be available only for a full billing cycle (30 days).