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Choosing a subscription

To choose a subscription make sure to familiarize yourself with the features of each one. It is possible to upgrade your subscription by paying the subscription price difference in the Client Settings; the subscription end date will not change. The billing cycle of all subscriptions and additional resources is 30 days. Downgrading a subscription is only possible after your current subscription cycle ends.

Increasing resources of all subscriptions is done by transitioning (upgrading) to a higher subscription. An upgrade of the Advanced subscription is possible by purchasing the necessary resources in a bundle, with a subsequent transition to Custom subscription.

All resources, such as proxies, emails, service accounts, are purchased separately, and are not bundled with subscriptions.

Common features of all subscriptions

  • Users of any subscription can use an unlimited number of devices to log into their account or sub-accounts (accounts of team members). Depending on the intensity of account usage, you can comfortably work with the account using one or two devices simultaneously. If there are too many requests coming from the account, the account may be temporarily limited. The solution is to upgrade to a higher-tier subscription, or purchase additional team members for Custom subscriptions.
  • You can use an unlimited number of temporary proxies (proxies that are used only in their profile and cannot be saved).
  • The Proxy Manager (the number of favorite proxies corresponds to the number of profiles in a subscription), except Starter subscription. It is possible to save your personal proxies and then quickly select them.
  • You can generate an unlimited number of fingerprints.
  • You can use Cookie Robot.
  • You can create and delete an unlimited number of profiles. The maximum number of active profiles (in the displayed list of account profiles) will correspond to your subscription.
  • Subscription upgrade (transition to a subscription with more features) both before the subscription expires and after that.
  • When you change the password in your account, all sessions on other devices become inactive (logout).

API limits are indicated in rpm - requests per minute; and rph - requests per hour.


Subscription price is 29 tokens (eur):

  • 10 profiles
  • 1 proxy in the quick select list
  • 3 tags
  • 0 team members
  • 0 profile templates
  • Viewing the profile activity history
  • No additional resources can be purchased

* The Starter subscription does not have access to API or the ability to transfer profiles to another Octo Browser account. Profile export for an additional fee is possible.


Subscription price is 79 tokens (eur):

  • 100 profiles
  • 100 proxies in the quick select list
  • 10 tags
  • 0 team members
  • 2 profile templates
  • Transferring profiles to other accounts
  • API access (50 rpm; 500 rph)
  • Viewing the profile activity history
  • No additional resources can be purchased


Subscription price is 169 tokens (eur):

  • 350 profiles
  • 350 proxies in the quick selection list
  • 30 tags
  • 3 team members (a total of 4 accounts including the main one)
  • 5 profile templates
  • Transferring profiles to other accounts
  • API access (100 rpm; 1500 rph)
  • Viewing the profile activity history (who and when created, launched, and closed the profile; profile synchronization version, profile settings changes, etc.)
  • No additional resources can be purchased


Subscription price is 329 tokens (eur):

  • 1200 profiles
  • 1200 proxies in the quick select list
  • 100 tags
  • 8 team members (a total of 9 accounts including the main one)
  • 10 profile templates
  • Transferring profiles to other accounts
  • API access (200 rpm; 3000 rph)
  • Viewing the history of actions on profiles (which team members and when created, launched, closed the profile; version of profile synchronization, changing profile settings, etc.)
  • No additional resources can be purchased


The price of Custom subscriptions starts at 429 tokens (eur) per month.

To switch to a Custom subscription, you need to have 100 tokens or more on your account. The base cost of a Custom subscription includes all resources of the Advanced subscription and additional packages totaling 100 tokens of your choice from the list below:

  • +100 profiles package (+100 proxy slots in the favorite proxy list will be added by default) - 20 tokens (EUR)
  • +100 tags package – 20 tokens (EUR)
  • +1 team member package – 20 tokens (EUR)
  • +2 templates package – 20 tokens (EUR)
  • +100 rpm API requests limit package – 100 tokens (EUR)
  • +1000 rph API requests limit package – 50 tokens (EUR)

Sequence of actions:

  1. After selecting the necessary resources, contact our support team to create your subscription (the number of additional resources is not limited).
  2. Top up your account balance by the amount of the Cost of the new Custom subscription minus the Cost of your current subscription.
  3. As soon as the Custom subscription is created and assigned to you, tokens will be deducted from your balance depending on the remaining days of the current subscription and the difference in cost.

Subscription activation

To activate the subscription of your choice you need to top up your account balance. Top up your account balance only from the main account (for Team / Advanced / Custom subscriptions). When you have the required number of tokens on your account, the subscription you've chosen will be automatically activated. To activate a Custom subscription and to purchase additional resources, please contact our technical support team following the links at the bottom of this page.

Subscription Activation

We are not responsible for the actions of main accounts. Only main accounts can add or remove team members, and change access permissions.

The subscription period (validity term) is 30 days. Once in a billing cycle a subscription renewal for any period between 3 and 29 days is available for active Base subscriptions and higher. The cost is calculated based on the cost of one day of subscription. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, please contact our technical support.

You can consult our video tutorial covering subscription purchase and activation here:

Automatic renewal

To activate automatic subscription renewal, you need to turn on the corresponding option in your account settings. If the auto-renewal option is turned on and the required number of tokens is available on your account, the current subscription will be re-activated with a new validity term after the current one expires.