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Temporary proxies

Temporary proxies are proxies that are added to the Connection settings in the profile without the possibility of saving and further selection from the list or the Proxy tab.

An unlimited number of temporary proxies are available in any of the subscriptions. You can set the necessary temporary proxy for a profile when creating or editing. Available to use IPv4 and IPv6 proxy.

A temporary proxy can be saved to the proxy manager list. To do this, check the Save proxy box, add the proxy name and confirm. The proxy will be added to the proxy manager and will be available for quick selection.

URL to change IP - if necessary, you can add a link to change IP.

Fast Proxy Fill

To quickly fill in proxy data, use the template:

IPv4 ProxyIPv6 Proxy

It is necessary to bring it to this format, after using hot keys, for example, ctrl + v, paste into the Host field. Available protocols are socks5, https, http, ssh.

For example:

In Team/Advanced/Custom subscriptions, access to the use of temporary proxies is enabled by default for all team members.

Before adding a proxy to the list of saved ones (proxy manager), you can check the proxy by clicking Check proxy. In case of successful verification, the green notification available, the flag and the ISO code of the geo proxy will be displayed. If validation fails, a red unavailable notification will be displayed.

If the working proxy does not pass the test, you need to change your Internet connection (distribute from your mobile or enable VPN). The provider can block the proxy check url. The VPN (or mobile Internet) has a different provider, and it will not block the proxy check url.