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Proxy statuses

Proxy statuses help you quickly understand what state the proxy is in.

There are 3 types of statuses, which are distinguished by colors:

  • Green - the proxy has been successfully verified.
  • Yellow - the proxy has not been checked, or the last check was more than 5 minutes ago.
  • Red - the proxy could not be checked.

Proxy Status

To the left of the proxy status is the flag and ISO code of the proxy country. In order for the flag to be displayed, a successful check must be performed. The flag is saved and can be changed on subsequent successful checks. In rare cases, when it was not possible to determine the country by IP, there will be a question mark instead of a flag.

By default, the proxy check timeout is 5 seconds, choose high-quality proxies for fast work, and also take into account the features of your connection (for example, connecting via VPN).

If the proxy stops working while working with the profile, you will get a connection error. Before changing the proxy, you must first close the profile. All editable changes to profile settings are applied after saving and restarting.