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The Proxy Manager

The proxy manager allows you to save proxies purchased by you in a separate list, and use them when necessary by choosing them from that list.

Proxies must be purchased separately (personal proxies), as well as other necessary resources for use.

The Proxy Manager list shows Proxy Name, Protocol, Address (host and port), Login, Password, Country (the proxy geolocation), Status (for more details, see Proxy Statuses), and allows you to change the proxy IP, check, edit, and delete a proxy (under Actions).

You can select and delete proxies in bulk using mass actions.

The reload proxies button at the top (above Actions) right allows you to refresh the list.

You can see the number of proxies you have and the total number of proxies supported by your subscription (e.g., 110/1200) at the top left corner of the Proxies tab. Below it you can find a search box that you can use to search for a proxy by its name.

Proxy Manager

The Proxy Manager is handy when working in a team. You can flexibly assign Proxy Manager rights to individual team members.

You can find our video tutorial covering the use of the Proxy Manager here: