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Installing extensions

Browser extensions are firmware that expands (complements) the functionality of the browser, it is also able to integrate into cloud software through the browser and expand its functionality. In Octo Browser, you can download any extensions available in regular Chrome.

Video guide about extensions adding:

Installing extensions

In order to install an extension in Octo Browser, you need to enable saving extensions in the settings of the desired profile (Storage tab), run the profile and install the extensions you need in the profile through the Chrome extension store. Installed extensions will be displayed on the "Extensions" tab in the settings of this profile.

Extensions Settings

After installing the extensions in the profile, they will appear in the list for all team members, on all devices. Extensions can also be selected from the list (without re-installation) and assigned in the settings of other profiles, provided that the option is enabled in the Storage -> Extensions section.

All extensions are stored in the cloud and cached locally on the device. Extensions are available to all team members and are tied to each user's account. Extensions installed in a profile are not transferred to other Octo Browser accounts (for example, when transferring a profile).

Extensions Tab

Installing custom extensions

You can also install a custom extension to any profile (via developer mode). For this you need:

  • Open the extensions page in the browser: browser menu in the upper right corner -> More tools -> Extensions. Or copy the path chrome://extensions/ and paste it into the address bar of your browser, press Enter.

At the top of the page there is a switch "Developer mode", activate it. 3 additional buttons will appear below: "Load unpacked extension", "Pack extension" and "Update extensions"

Developer mode

  • Rename the extension file ending in .crx so that it ends in .zip and open it with an archiver as a regular archive. If the custom extension is already in a .zip archive, then open the file as a normal archive. Unpack it into a folder prepared for this (for example, create a folder on the C drive called Extensions, or any other name).
  • In the browser, on the page with extensions, click on the "Load unpacked extension" button and in the window that appears, select the created folder, and then click OK.
  • The extension will be installed in the browser, now it remains only to activate it by moving the switch next to the extension to the "Enabled" position.

Custom extensions are available to all team members. Custom extensions are tied to each user's account and are not transferred to other Octo Browser accounts (for example, when transferring a profile).

Extension updates

Auto-update of extensions is not supported. You need to install a new version of the extension through the Chrome extension store, this version of the extension will become available for installation in Octo profiles (Extensions tab in the profile settings).

Removing extensions

To remove an extension from your Octo Browser profile, you need to:

  • Open the profile settings and go to the Extensions tab (near the Three dots profile -> Edit -> Extensions)
  • Deselect extensions you want to remove
  • Save profile

Thus, on subsequent launches of the profile, the extension will not be added. The option to remove extensions from the list of account extensions will be available in future releases of Octo Browser.

Extension does not work/ disappears from the list

Make sure you install the extension strictly according to the manual above. Also, in the profile settings in the Storage tab, the Extensions parameter must be activated.

Extension is duplicated

This situation can occur if you installed the extension from an unofficial source and there is no KEY parameter in the manifest.json file. By installing such an extension in a profile, with each new launch of the profile, you will create a duplicate of the extension due to the lack of a key (key).

You need to disable this extension from all profiles, otherwise this extension will be duplicated at startup and the list will grow. Further, if you need this extension to work, you can install it from an official source, such as the Chrome Extension Store, or add a KEY parameter to the manifest.json file so that the extension is not duplicated.